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Laredo Import 3 by 3 Iron Display Stand, Med- 3 Inches Diameter x 3 Inches High

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Iron Display Stand-3 Inch inside diameter of the ring x 3 inches total height. Handmade in Mexico, expect slight variation in size. Painted Dark Bronze. This stand is best for spheres that measure 4-6 inches in diameter.  Please measure your item carefully. Your item must be larger than 3 inches in diameter(accross) for this stand to work. If you are in doublt about whether this will work with your item, send us a note.

  • Iron 3 by 3 Display Stand
  • Great for a Sphere that measures 4-6 inches accross
  • 3 Inch, Inside Diameter of the Ring by 3 Inches High
  • Handmade, expect a slight variation. Painted Dark Bronze
  • Please measure your item carefully. Send us a note if you have a question.

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